Monday, 14 March 2011

New! Script Idea

After receiving feedback on our Rough Cut, we have decided to add more of a script to the film , but still keeping to minimal use of acting. We would film a purposefully mundane conversation between the two girls we have filmed at the actual kidnap, and stage what the sounds would be like before they come around the corner.
We would cut out the visuals and open doors have the sound of walking beside them as they talked about something they were doing at the weekend, for example drunk texting an ex, something that seems personal, similarly to the famous conversations in the Quentin Tarantino films Pulp Fiction or Death Proof. 

rough Cut feedback

-it is really disturbing
-she looks dead at the end so we need to add something to explain that she is not dead
-we need to show that the person being kidnaped is also the person in the dark room
-we need more of the dark shots
-possibly have the two girls laughing before the kidnaping
-add some more contrasting shots
-sounds are good it add something extra to the disturbing feel
-we need credits/they should be minimalistic  

Advertising Our Film.

In order to make our film successful we would need to have good advertising to make people aware about the film. For example we could advertise our film through television, this would mean having a trailer to raise awareness of the film and get people wanting to watch it. Another way we could advertise it is by using poster situated around cities and on different mode of transport such as buses, trains and taxi's. Advertising could also be done by getting permission to put trailers or posters on to other peoples web pages ,on the internet you could also have a trailer on youtube.